About Us

Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd. (SSG) was established in June 1988, under the name Thai Steel Grating Co., Ltd., and began operations in January 1989. Aiming to produce world-class open grid flooring for both domestic and international customers, the company has made sure that cutting­ edge technology and high-quality materials are utilized throughout its entire operation. In addition, a wider range of services, final installation and after-sales services are available. After making great strides in the industry, Thai Steel Grating changed its name to Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd. in September, 1994. And today, the name Siam Steel Gratings is synonymous with 'professional grating maker’ and has been certified the ISO 9002 since February 2000.

Siam Steel Gratings is the largest manufacturer of high-quality steel grating products in Thailand and recognized as the country's leading manufacturer of industrial metal flooring, standard panels, fabricated gratings, stair treads, trench covers, fencing, and stainless-steel gratings, which are extensively used in a multitude of industrial fields. And with its new automatic forge-welding machine and newly purchased facilities, SSG is able to produce more than 22,000 square meters of steel gratings each month. The company distinguishes itself from other producers by offering 'SSG' gratings, which are manufactured by a special welding machine, created by Austrian technology.

Siam Steel Gratings' products are known for their unique flexibility and control, thanks to the company's exceptional production process electro-forged welding.  Capable of widening or narrowing bearing bars and cross bars, such a process is electrically and hydraulically powered. The process fuses the metals together to give maximum resistance from twisting, wearing and distortion.  By using this technology, considerable shaping can be done without destroying or reducing the rigidity and strength of the metal.

The company’s subsidiaries comprise Siam Steel Tower Co., Ltd., PWH (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., CHC Engineering Co., Ltd., Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd. and Rayong Galvanizing Co., Ltd.